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Ridgeline Builders

Sheer Elegance and Quality Workmanship. 

From Concept to Completion.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

At Ridgeline builders, we do things a little differently. Not only are we experienced, but we’re exceptionally dedicated to the process—and the details. We believe every project is built on partnership, and to that end, we act as a liaison to each client, from start to finish. We own, live, and breathe every project so it’s completed properly, on time, and on budget. Whether it’s a commercial build or remodel, or a home design, we work alongside our clients every step of the way to ensure we meet their expectations—and have fun.

Four Core Values

We own, live, and breathe every project—as if it’s our own. It’s that simple.



We pride ourselves on honesty, and it’s our passion to work alongside you every step of the way, from planning to completion, sharing our advice and expertise so you can be proud of—and truly enjoy—the finished product.



Because our background is in construction management, we realize the important of communication. That’s why you’ll always know what’s going on with your project.


Managing Expectations

People are happiest when their expectations are met—and managing expectations effectively is a natural byproduct of transparency and communication. From budget to scheduling to design details, we do everything we can to make sure you know exactly what to expect.


Building to the Land

We offer our expertise from the very beginning so our clients are able to avoid costly mistakes and spend years taking advantage of all the details that make a house a home (water, utilities, passive solar, and views, for example).

No Project is Too Big or Too Small

Residential Construction

We design and build luxury custom homes that are energy efficient, functional, low-maintenance, and beautiful … so you come home every day to a sanctuary.

Commercial Construction

We realize that if you’re not open, you’re not making money. That’s why we pride ourselves on efficiency, time management, construction, scheduling, and specifications.

Featured Projects


Ryan and Jenna

Taking functionality to a whole new level.

Mike and Jerlynn

A challenging project with a stunning, views-for-miles result.

Bob and Jacquie

Making a detailed dream reality.


Combining creativity and functionality; fusing contemporary and rustic.

Gary and Debbie

Bringing out—and blending in with—the natural landscape.


Armed Forces Military Recruitment Career Center

Meeting and exceeding challenging specifications—on time and on budget.

KidZaam Dental Group

A fun and unique opportunity to build completely outside the norm.

Verizon Wireless

Efficient, high-quality commercial construction on time, on budget, and to specification.

Fork in the Road Group

Gurley Street Grill remodel
Full deconstruction, redesign, and rebuild—all the way down to the details.

Fork in the Road Group

Murphy’s restoration
Careful, thoughtful restoration to maintain historical integrity and establish modern compliance.

Our Clients 

“If I built a house, this is the builder I would use. Extremely fair and professional. Great attention to detail. Excellent project supervisors. Careful to understand clients true desires. Product guidance for the client’s good. One of the most honest men I have ever met!”


“Ridgeline Builders has done several projects for us. From emergency roof repair after a storm to remodeling our kitchen and bathrooms. All of the rooms turned out beautifully and are exactly what we wanted. Their work is excellent, and all projects were done on time and under budget. I cannot say enough about the quality of their work or their professionalism and communication during the projects. Dave was promptly responsive to any questions and his crew was so professional – work areas were clean and tidy at the end of the day during the remodels and disruption was kept to a minimum. I’d highly recommend this company!”


Affiliations & Awards