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About Ridgeline Builders

Consider us your tour guide, every step of the way. It’s our specialty to act as your partner, so you can enjoy the process (almost) as much as the finished project.

What We Do

Residential Construction

We design and build luxury custom homes that are energy efficient, functional, low-maintenance, and beautiful … so you come home every day to a sanctuary.

Commercial Construction

We realize that if you’re not open, you’re not making money. That’s why we pride ourselves on efficiency, time management, construction, scheduling, and specifications.

At Ridgeline Builders, we treat each project as if its our own. The result: you enjoy not only the process, now, but also the realization of your vision, for years. 

Our founder, Dave Franz, has never thought of himself as a builder … and he believes that’s an asset. His extensive training and experience in construction management have given him a unique perspective on running a project: he’s an expert in communication, scheduling, budgeting, and interacting with his clients. In other words, ensuring clients get what they want and what they expect is Dave’s specialty. That’s why he puts a project manager on every job, hires only the best and most reliable subcontractors, and keeps your best interests in mind at all times.

We view ourselves as each client’s tour guide, liaison, and partner. With a focus on transparency, each one of the Ridgeline Builders team members has a sincere desire to bring each project to fruition—on time and on budget.

Whether we’re designing and constructing your dream home, or improving a building for your business, we are the experts when it comes to getting clear on exactly what you need—and making it reality. We’re equal parts thoughtful and efficient. We combine the best of today’s technology, materials, and architecture with time-tested, proven construction techniques. We strive to give you what you want in the moment, while ensuring you’ll enjoy it for years.

And we do it all side by side with you. As a partner, a tour guide, and a friend.

The best process and the best construction. Because we truly care.


Honesty & Integrity

Because we consider each client a friend, we want you to be satisfied with your project now and in the future. That’s why we value integrity. We’re honest from start to finish, building relationships on trust.



You may not see this from many construction companies, but the truth is that, as a result of our transparent process and focus on partnerships, working with Ridgeline Builders is fun. We love nothing more than to hear about what matters to you, so we can make it happen—together—and enjoy it while we do.