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Fork in the Road Group

The Fork in the Road Group is the parent company for a number of local full-service restaurants, including the iconic Murphy’s, Gurley Street Grill, and The Office Cantina, as well as several fast food restaurants. Our work with this group’s full-service restaurants showcases our experience with restaurant construction and remodeling. We live and breathe these projects—and we go beyond construction to dig into the details.

  • Date: 2018
  • Project Type: Commercial Building

About these Projects

Gurley Street Grill remodel.

Full deconstruction, redesign, and rebuild—all the way down to the details.

This project was a full gut and remodel of everything from the kitchens to the dining room. We deconstructed all existing systems, and then coordinated and installed all new kitchen equipment and worked with a restaurant designer to redesign the dining area.

The opportunity to go beyond simple construction really made this project special: we considered dining experience, theme, look, and menu, and even shared our opinions on flatware.

Murphy’s restoration.

Careful, thoughtful restoration to maintain historical integrity and establish modern compliance.

Murphy’s is perhaps the most well-known Prescott restaurant, so in our work on this project we strove to maintain historical integrity while bringing this historical building into ADA and City of Prescott compliance—while still showcasing its 1800s charm.

Doing so is challenging in these old buildings, which don’t often have the footprint, accessibility, or door width (among other elements) to be compliant. We worked intently with the City of Prescott to get Murphy’s into compliance while still maintaining the architectural historical significance of the building.

There is no challenge we will back away from; we ally and partner with our clients to solve problems and conquer complex challenges, and the Murphy’s renovation is a great example of that.

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