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Our Residential Projects

We design and build luxury custom homes our clients love living in … for life.  

Let’s Build Your Dream Home — Together

There is so much more to a home than boards and nails. It’s your haven, a reflection of who you are and what matters to you. We want you to love living there, from the moment you move in.

It’s our absolute pleasure to help you create a home that meets all your needs (even ones you haven’t thought of yet), from square footage to space planning and lifestyle to special details. It’s our commitment to use our expertise to ensure the design is successful—and the process is fun.

We look at functionality first, and then at space planning and architecture. From big-picture view to the most thoughtful details, we do everything in our power to make your home yours.


Here’s just a taste of our process:
  • We Build for You. Our very first step is to learn about you and how you live, so we can create a design that meets your needs and your lifestyle. Whether you entertain frequently, like to spend time outside, need an extra space for the kids, have an elderly family member living with you, or have special requirements, we want to know about it. That way, living in your house just feels right.
  • We Prioritize Energy Efficiency. From passive solar to materials to specific heating and cooling systems, we know what works to maximize efficiency (and minimize energy bills).
  • We Build to the Land. As you explore properties, there are lots of considerations to keep in mind. Location and views, for sure. But also, water, utilities, passive solar potential, drainage, and more. From the very beginning, we offer our expertise, so your home really is what you dream of, now and in the future.
  • We Focus on Retaining Property Values. Whether you plan to sell in a few years or leave your house to your children, you can rest assured that we’re always looking to the future. Our house designs are unique and timeless, so you can rest assured your home will retain its values for years (and decades) to come.

Residential Project Gallery

Ryan and Jenna

Taking functionality to a whole new level.

Mike and Jerilyn

A challenging project with a stunning, views-for-miles result.

Bob and Jacquie

A challenging project with a stunning, views-for-miles result.


Combining creativity and functionality; fusing contemporary and rustic.

Gary and Debbie

Bringing out—and blending in with—the natural landscape.

Ready to start your dream life in your dream home?

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